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How to Prevent Baby Nappy Blowouts

1 May 2024
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Rascals Premium Nappies

ow to Stop Baby Nappy Blowouts

Still dealing with nappy blowouts? Parenting life is busy enough without having to wake up to your baby’s soiled sheets in the morning. At Rascals, we know a thing or two about preventing nappy blowouts, with our award-winning premium nappies being crowned “The Best Nappy for Blowouts” by The Bump. In this article, you’ll learn:

How to Prevent Nappy Blowouts:

Most nappy blowouts occur due to having the wrong sized nappy or an incorrect fit on your little one. Let’s explore some key factors to understand why blowouts happen and how to prevent them:

  1. Where are the blowouts occurring?
    • Blowouts up the back or around the legs often suggest the nappy is too small or not properly fitted. If it's happening up the back, it may be time to size up.
    • For leg blowouts, ensure the nappy cuffs and leak guards are untucked, are snuggly fit around your little ones legs!
  2. When do the blowouts happen?
    • If blowouts are frequent during the night, consider a larger size for more absorbency.

The Best Nappies for Blowouts

Rascals Premium Nappies are the best at containing the mess and were engineered with innovative features which means fewer leaks and blowouts for your little one. Here’s how our innovative features help to prevent nappy blowouts:

Rascals Stretchy High-Back Waistband™

Sitting higher on your baby’s back, Rascals Stretchy High-Back Waistband™ was designed to keep blowouts contained. This wraps around your baby’s back giving them a snug and secure fit, whilst also trapping any sneaky leaks or blowouts from escaping.

Rascals Triple Leak Guards

Designed to sit flat against your baby’s skin, our triple leak guards (the elastic around the leg cuffs of the nappy) provide additional protection against leaks and blowouts.

Rascals Strong Grip Tabs

Our strong grip tabs are our final layer of protection against blowouts. These resealable tabs were engineered to stay in place, helping our nappies provide 12 hours of advanced leak protection[3], day and night.

What makes Rascals Premium Nappies different?

Rascals Premium Nappies are Our #1 Absorbing Nappies[1] and provide 12 hours of advanced leak protection[3] so your little one can be comfy and dry, all day and night. Here’s how our premium features ensure the correct fit on your baby:

How our nappies should fit:

Rascals Stretchy High-Back Waistband™: Designed to keep blowouts contained, Rascals Stretchy High-Back Waistband™ should sit comfortably on your baby’s back. Our unique fit means our nappies sit higher on your baby’s back compared to other brands. In line with their belly button is about correct.

  • Leg cuffs: Made from a premium fibre blend to be soft on skin, our leg cuffs should sit flat on your baby’s skin and be untucked when the nappy is worn.
  • Triple leak guards: The elastic guards are designed to sit flat on your baby’s skin, not on their side. When grabbing a new nappy to change into, lay it flat on your change table and untuck the leak guards to ensure they don’t fold in when changing your baby.
  • Strong grip tabs: Our nappy tabs are resealable and made to stay in place. Our unique fit means that rather than stretchy tabs, our nappies are made with an extra stretchy waistband designed to wrap around your baby’s waist and sit higher on their back to prevent leaks from escaping. In fact, Rascals Stretchy High-Back Waistband™ offers 2.5x more stretch* and helps you perfectly fit the nappy to your little one. We recommend that they sit flat on your baby’s hips, no need to pull them all the over to the front of the nappy.
  • Unique Hydrolock Core™: Our Unique Hydrolock Core™ holds up to 25x its weight in liquid*, trapping moisture within the core so it feels dry on your baby’s skin and helps prevent leaks and skin irritation.

Learn more about Rascals Nappy features

4 Tips to Have the Perfect Rascals Nappy Fit:

  1. Once the nappy has been changed, run your finger around the inside of the nappy, between the nappy and your little one’s thighs/bottom to ensure the leak guards are sitting flat and are not tucked in. Our triple leak guards are your extra protection against sneaky leaks.
  2. Ensure the strong grip tabs are securely fastened on your baby’s hips. Our strong grip tabs are resealable and are designed to sit further apart when fastened onto the front of the nappy. For reference, you should still be able to see the Rascals logo on the front of the nappy.
  3. Our unique fit means that when the nappy is on your little one, it should be snug on their tummy (pulled up just under their belly button) and at the same level on their back.
  4. Rascals Stretchy High-Back Waistband™ is designed to sit higher on their back, and helps contain sneaky leaks and blowouts

Still Having Issues with Nappy Blowouts?

We understand that every baby is different. So if you still have questions, please reach out to our Customer Love team to get their expert advice on the perfect Rascals fit. Click here to contact our team via email, or head to our Instagram or Facebook to get help.

FAQs: Preventing Nappy Blowouts

Nappy blowouts refer to instances where stool leaks from the nappy, usually due to a poor fit, incorrect sizing, or excessive stool volume.

Ensure a proper nappy fit, consider sizing up if needed, and check the leg cuffs to prevent gaps that may lead to leaks and blowouts.