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Knowing When to Size Up Your Baby's Nappy

1 May 2024
7 min read

When to Size up Nappies

Knowing when to size up nappies for your baby can go a long way in preventing leaks, keeping them comfy and making change-time easier.

In this article, we cover:

  • 5 Signs that indicate your baby is ready to size up in nappies
  • How to choose the right nappy size
  • What size is right for your baby based on their weight
  • An introduction to baby nappy pants
  • How to transition from baby nappies to nappy pants
  • How to make change-time easier with Rascals Premium Nappy Pants

5 Signs that your baby is ready to size up nappies:

Here’s a few signs that your baby is ready to size up their nappies:

1. Your baby’s nappy has started to leak

The wrong sized nappy is one of the more common reasons your baby’s nappy may begin to leak. The weight range of our nappy and nappy pant sizes overlap, meaning your baby may be ready for the next size up, even if they’re still within their current size range. Ensure you’ve got the right fit to avoid leaks by checking your baby’s weight against the Rascals Nappy Size Guide or Rascals Nappy Pants Size Guide

Learn more tips on How to Prevent Your Baby’s Nappy From Leaking.

2. Your baby is leaking through the night

Does the nappy hold throughout the day, but begin leaking throughout the night? This is another sign that your baby is ready to size up their nappies. Rascals Premium Nappies are made with Unique Hydrolock Core™ providing 12 hours of advanced leak protection[3] absorbing 25x its weight in liquid[2]. Say goodbye to leaking nappies, soiled onesies and washing your baby’s sheets every morning (you’re welcome!).

View our Size Guide to find the right size for your little one.

3. Your baby has red marks on their legs

4. The waistband is getting too snug

If the tabs can’t reach the front of the nappies to fasten in place, it’s time to size up! Our grip tabs are designed to sit comfortably on your baby’s hips. You can read more about finding the perfect Rascals fit in this article: how to prevent your baby’s nappy from leaking

5. Your baby is pulling off their nappy

Signs your little one is ready to try nappy pants is if they no longer lay still for nappy change or start pulling the tabs of their nappy off. If change-time is getting a little too playful, it could also be time to try Rascals Premium Nappy Pants.

How to Choose the Right Nappy Size:

Rascals Premium Nappies are made with a unique design and fit, so we recommend choosing a size based on your baby’s weight. Use our handy Size Guide so you can be sure your little rascal has the perfect leak-free fit.

Tip: If you’re between sizes, we recommend trying a smaller size first.

Size 1 nappy weight:

  • Rascals Size 1 nappies fit babies between 3-5kgs. Our size 1 nappies fit most newborns.

Size 2 nappy weight:

  • Rascals Size 2 nappies fit babies between 4-8kgs.

Size 3 nappy weight:

  • Rascals Size 3 nappies fit babies between 6-11kgs.

Size 4 nappy weight:

  • Rascals Size 4 nappies fit babies between 10-15kgs.

Size 5 nappy weight:

  • Rascals Size 5 nappies fit babies between 13-18kgs.

Size 6 nappy weight:

  • Rascals Size 6 nappies fit babies 16+ kgs.

Still have questions? Reach out to our friendly Customer Love team to get their expert advice on finding the right nappies size and preventing those sneaky leaks.

What are Nappy Pants?

Nappy pants are the next step up from nappies and the perfect option for little humans always on-the-move, or who are about to start potty training. Nappy pants allow your little one to take control, letting them pull the nappy pants up all by themselves.

Rascals Premium Nappy Pants are our quickest, easiest change for active little ones. Made with an UltraFlex 360™ Waistband, Easy On & Off Design and Quick-Change Features.

When Should You Transition from Nappies to Nappy Pants?

While there aren’t any rules to when your little one should transition from nappies to nappy pants, there are some tell-tale signs to when your little one is ready to try their “big-kid” pants. Often, parents make the switch to nappy pants around the time potty training starts. Sometimes though, your baby may be showing signs that they are ready for the switch before their potty adventures begin.

5 Signs your little human is ready to try nappy pants:

  1. They bring you their clean nappies or baby wipes to ask for a change.
  2. They can put on shorts or trousers by themselves most of the time without help.
  3. They prefer to “do it all by themself” or show frustration when you offer help.
  4. They are potty training already.
  5. They no longer want to lay down for nappy changes and fight against them.

How to Make Change-Time Easier with Rascals

Our Premium Nappy Pants are Our #1 Fit For Active Babies. Engineered with 6 Core Innovations for a high-performing pant:

  • UltraFlex 360™ Waistband

With 15+ pieces of elastic our UltraFlex 360™ Waistband offers our most comfortable fit for active babies.

  • Quick-Change Features

Made with easy-tear sides and a disposal tab for our quickest, easiest change!**

  • Easy On & Off Design

With our Easy On & Off Design, our nappy pants function just like underwear to help with the transition to potty training.

  • AirSpun™ Softness

Using AirSpun™ Technology our pants materials are hot-air bonded for a breathable, feather-soft feel that is gentle on skin.

  • Unique Hydrolock Core™

Our Hydrolock Core™ holds 25x its weight for 12 hours of advanced leak protection.^^

  • Zero Nasties

Clinically proven safe on sensitive skin, our pants materials are free from 100+ harmful substances.

Ready to join the fun?

FAQs: When to Size up Nappies

Signs include red marks or indentations on your baby's skin, frequent leaks or blowouts, or difficulty fastening the nappy tabs securely.

It's essential to consider both factors. If your baby's current size isn't fitting comfortably despite being within the weight range, consider sizing up.

Yes, frequent leaks that were not typical before could be a sign that the nappy size is too small and needs to be increased.

Sizing up too early might lead to more frequent leaks. It's essential to observe signs indicating discomfort or a need for a larger size.

If your baby is between sizes, opt for the larger size for better comfort and to prevent potential leaks or discomfort from tight nappy.