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How to Change Your Baby's Diaper

Apr 30 2024
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How to Change a Baby’s Diaper

Learning to change a diaper can be confusing - but everyone has to start somewhere! This guide is designed for your very first diaper change, covering the basics of diaper features, how often to change your baby and hygiene.

To change out of the old diaper:

  1. Get ready with your change table or change mat, and a fresh Rascals diaper.
  2. Lay your baby down on their back and remove the used diaper, by unsticking the two tabs fastened at their hips and pulling the diaper out from underneath them.
  3. Dispose of it by rolling it into a bundle, and using the grip tabs to seal it on either side. It should look light a rolled burrito with fastened ends.

To clean your baby’s skin before a new diaper:

  1. Before changing into a fresh diaper gently clean your baby’s bottom, with baby wipes such as Rascals Sensitive Wipes. Using gentle, smooth motions, take extra care to clean between folds of the skin where moisture or get trapped and cause irritation. You can also use a damp wash cloth. Wipe front to back.
  2. To further prevent skin irritation or diaper rash, you may like to apply a gentle ointment or cream to your baby’s skin. Just be sure to allow the area to completely dry before changing them into a new diaper. You can read more about how to treat diaper rash in this article.

To change into a new diaper:

  1. Open the fresh diaper outward, so the inside is facing up toward you.
  2. Open the strong grip tabs (on either side of the diaper), untuck the triple leak guards (elastic sides that run down the diaper) and leg cuffs (ruffled-like material).
  3. Gently raise your baby’s legs and lower body by their ankles, and slide the fresh diaper underneath. Their bum should be in the middle of the diaper.
  4. Lay them back down on the diaper and pull the front of the diaper between their legs and up toward their tummy. The Rascals logo should be facing you.
  5. Before fastening the diaper, make sure the leg cuffs (ruffled material) and leak guards (elastic material inside the leg cuff) are untucked. This will help prevent leaks.
  6. To secure the diaper, pull the grip tabs over your baby’s hip and fasten it comfortably. There is one on either side. To ensure a comfy fit, you should be able to run a finger inside the diaper along the waistband. This indicates that the diaper isn’t too tight or loose. Our tabs are designed to be resealable, so you can readjust them to get the perfect fit.

How the Diaper Should Fit

Rascals Premium Diapers are our #1 Absorbing Diaper[1], featuring a unique fit that provides 12 hours of advanced leak protection[3]. Here’s a few tips to make sure your baby’s diaper is fitted correctly:

  • Rascals Stretchy High-Back Waistband™ is designed to sit a little higher on your baby’s back. This makes for a comfy and snug fit to reduce the chance of sneaky leaks or blowouts.
  • Make sure the leg cuffs and double leak guards are not tucked in, as these help catch leaks. When opening a new diaper, unfold them so they sit flat on your baby’s skin.
  • The most common reason for diaper leaks is the wrong size. Our size range is based on weight, and we recommend choosing a diaper size using our weight range. You can find more information on our size guide.
  • Rascals Strong Grip Tabs are resealable, but designed to stay in place once fastened. Our unique fit means that rather than stretchy tabs, our diapers feature an extra stretchy waistband that wraps around your baby’s waist to prevent leaks from escaping.
  • Our fit means that when the diaper is on your little one, it should be snug on their tummy (pulled up just under their belly button) and at the same level on their back.
  • Click to learn more information about Rascals Premium Diapers features.

How Often You Should Change Their Diaper

Babies need frequent diaper changes to keep their skin clean, fresh and to help prevent diaper rash. If your baby has sensitive skin, changing their diaper as soon as they wet themselves can prevent further irritation.

Newborns may need changing as many times as 10 to 12 times a day, while older babies average 6 to 8 times per day.

Knowing When to Change Their Diaper

Rascals Premium Diapers feature a wetness indicator on all sizes of our diapers. Designed to take the guesswork out of diaper changes and make life easier, our wetness indicator changes from yellow to purple when the diaper is full and ready to change.

Diaper Bag Checklist:

Make sure you have a diaper bag filled with the following to make on-the-go change time easy:

  • Change table or change mat
  • Clean Diapers (Rascals, of course!)
  • Baby Wipes (View the full range of Rascals wipes)
  • Diaper cream or ointment
  • Change of clothes for your baby (in case of a blowout)
  • Disposable bag or bin

FAQs: Changing Your Baby’s Diaper

Understanding how often to change newborn diaper is key to ensuring your baby's comfort. While every baby is different, most newborns will need a diaper change 8-10 times a day. This is due to more frequent bladder movements and to ensure they are comfortable in a clean diaper to help prevent diaper rash. Rest assured, Rascals Premium Diapers offer advanced leak protection to quickly absorb moisture and keep skin dry, and our handy wetness indicator helps you know when to change their diaper – it turns from yellow to purple when full.

The number of diaper changes per day typically decreases as your little one gets bigger, with toddlers only needing 4-6 changes a day.

The necessary supplies for changing a diaper step by step include clean diapers, wipes, a changing pad, and diaper rash cream if needed.