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Diaper Leaks

How to Prevent Your Baby’s Diaper From Leaking

May 1 2024
5 min read
Rascals Premium Diapers

Why Does My Baby’s Diaper Leak So Much?

Still dealing with leaking diapers? Waking up to your baby’s soaked diaper, wet sheets, soiled onesies and all the rest is probably one of the most frustrating things parents have to clean up, time and time again! But with the right choice of diaper and the correct size, you can finally say goodbye to leaking diapers and blowouts.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • The common causes for diaper leaks and blowouts
  • How to make sure you’ve got the right diaper size and fit
  • Learn about Rascals Premium Diapers, made with 12 hours of advanced leak protection and a fast dry layer, to keep your baby leak free and dry all night[3].
  • Learn why Rascals Diapers was named the “Best Diaper for Blowouts” by TheBump
  • How to stop your baby’s diaper leaking at nighttime

How to Prevent Your Baby’s Diaper from Leaking:

Most leaking diapers are caused by having the wrong sized diaper or incorrect fit on your little one. With these simple questions, we can help you understand why your baby’s diaper is still leaking, and suggest some of our top tips for getting the right size and fit. Ask yourself:

  1. Where are the leaks coming from?
    • Leaks from the leg generally indicate the diaper is too big, so we’d recommend sizing down. Leaks from the back/waistband indicate the diaper is too small, or that the diaper tabs are too tight. We’d suggest sizing up or trying to attach the grip tabs closer to your baby’s hips, rather than in toward their belly button.
  2. Are you experiencing leaks overnight or during the day?
    • Sizing up can often help with overnight leaks. Leaks throughout the day may suggest the diaper isn’t correctly fit, so keep reading for our tips below.

Finding the Right Diaper Size to Stop Leaks:

Finding the right diaper size will help reduce the chance of leaking diapers for most children. Rascals Premium Diapers feature a unique design and fit which provide up to 12 hours of leak protection. Because of this, we recommend using our Size Guide or taking our Diaper Size Quiz to get the perfect fit and reduce the chance of diaper leaks and blowouts.

To learn more about how to fit Rascals Premium Diapers correctly, view our Fit Check Guide video and view our Step-by-Step Guide for How to Change Your Baby’s Diaper

What makes Rascals Premium Diapers different?

Rascals Premium Diapers are Our #1 Absorbing Diaper[1] and provide 12 hours of advanced leak protection[3] so your little one can be comfy and dry, all day and night. Here’s how our premium features ensure the correct fit on your baby:

How our diapers should fit:

  • Rascals Stretchy High-Back Waistband™: Designed to keep blowouts contained, our waistband is designed to sit comfortably on your baby’s back. Our unique fit means our diaper might sit a little higher than other brands. In line with their belly button is about right.
  • Leg cuffs: Made from a premium fiber blend to be soft on skin, our leg cuffs should sit flat on your baby’s skin and be untucked when the diaper is worn. The ruffle-like material should be facing out.
  • Triple leak guards: Designed to catch any sneaky leaks, our leak guards (elastic-like material) should sit flat on your baby’s skin. If they’re tucked or folded in, leaks might be able to escape!
  • Strong grip tabs: Designed to be strong not stretchy, our resealable tabs are designed to stay in place and help you get the perfect fit. They should sit comfortably at your baby’s hip when fastened (not covering the Rascals logo on the front of the diaper).
  • Unique Hydrolock Core™: Designed to hold up to 25x its weight in liquid[2], our Unique Hydrolock Core™ traps moisture within the core so it feels dry on your baby’s skin and helps prevent leaks and skin irritation.

4 Tips to Have the Perfect Rascals Diaper Fit:

  1. To check you’ve got the right fit, run a finger along the inside of the waistband. If you can fit more than one finger inside, the diaper is too loose. If you can’t fit a finger inside, it’s too tight.
  2. Ensure the strong grip tabs are securely fastened on your baby’s hips. Our strong grip tabs are resealable and are designed to sit further apart when fastened onto the front of the diaper. For reference, you should still be able to see the Rascals logo on the front of the diaper.
  3. Our unique fit means that when the diaper is on your little one, it should be snug on their tummy (pulled up just under their belly button) and at the same level on their back.
  4. Rascals Stretchy High-Back Waistband™ is designed to sit higher on their back, and helps contain sneaky leaks and blowouts

Still Having Issues with Leaking Diapers?

Every baby is different, and we’d love to help you get the right fit. So if you still have questions, please reach out to our friendly Customer Love team to get their expert advice. Contact us here or on Facebook.

FAQs: Baby Diaper Leaks

A diaper leak often occurs due to an ill-fitting diaper, over saturation, incorrect sizing, or when the diaper reaches its absorption limit.

To prevent diaper leaks or diaper leaking during the night, use highly absorbent diapers designed for overnight use. Ensure a snug fit and limit liquids before bedtime.

If frequent diaper leaks or diaper leaking occurs, consider transitioning to a larger diaper size for a better fit and improved leak protection.

Opt for diapers with stretchy sides for a secure fit during movement. Check and readjust the diaper as needed during active periods to prevent diaper leaks.

Ensure the diaper fits properly around the legs and waist. Consider trying different diaper styles or brands to prevent ongoing diaper leaks or diaper leaking.